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The Course Creation Formula

  • Methodical step-by-step approach
  • Get a non-stop flow of ideas
  • Find clients quickly and easily
  • Upsell and maximize your returns
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • "Wow" them with brilliant customer service
  • Get great feedback...
  • All in 24 step-by-step HD videos

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About this Course

Setting up your own online course from scratch can be a quite daunting experience.  It sometimes seems easier just to abandon the idea as it can be so difficult to tie all the numerous loose ends together.

Many people also believe that they themselves need to be a respected authority figure in a particular field before they can write a course on that subject when this isn’t actually the case at all.

Our course creation formula contains everything you need to guide you through the process from initial idea to final commercial launch with a systematic, methodical approach.  By following each of the clearly-marked steps you’ll soon establish yourself as a respected author and publisher of valuable online course materials.

The information is evergreen and you can dip back into it for a refresher whenever you feel the need.

There’s no better time than NOW to get started!


Course Content

Part 1

Video 1 – Introduction

Getting into the correct mindset and what to do if you’re not an expert in your chosen field.

Video 2 –  Why Choose Online Learning?

The main advantages of learning via online courses when compared to the more traditional forms of education.

Video 3 – Your Starting Point

Establish where you are with regard to creating your new course and find your perfect target market.

Video 4 – Desired Outcome

What should a student expect upon completion of your course?


Part 2

Video 1 – A Zero-Touch Business

How to establish the most suitable business model for your online course.  The main advantages and disadvantages of the different pricing and access strategies.

Video 2 – Your Target

How to monitor the competition and see how you can do things better.  Work out your optimum pricing point.

Video 3 – Case Study –

Study of a successful online course provider and analysis of what they’re doing to achieve their results.

Video 4 – The Online Course Creation Model

Easily find out whether or not there’s actually a demand for your course before you begin preparatory work.


Part 3

Video 1 – Recap

Work out the exact steps and stages in your course to give your student the outcome they expect.

Video 2 – Create Course Outline and Syllabus

Setting down the required steps and stages for your course.  What upsells can you offer?

Video 3 – Online Course Assets

Presenting the information in your course.  When to use video, audio and documents.

Video 4 – Course Modules

Exercise to establish 10 modules for your course with title, description and assets.

Video 5 – Planning Your Online Course

Why it’s essential to have an action plan.  How you can add more value to your course.

Video 6 – Resources and Tools

The necessary software and other tools you’ll need to set up and deliver your course.


Part 4

Video 1 – Creating PowerPoint Slides

Why you should always brand your slides.  The most important points to consider when creating slides for a presentation.

Video 2 – Audio and Video Recording

The main video creation “myths” and the tools you’ll need for successful video production.

Video 3 – Check Sheet

All the things you need to be aware of when recording your videos.

Video 4 – Video Editing Basics

The main steps in the video editing process.  The ideal length for a video and where to find low-cost assistance.

Video 5 – Web-Based Resources

Where to find attractive features to bring your videos to life and what you must be very wary about in the creation process.

Video 6 – Screen Recording

The difference between screen recording and video editing and how to do it efficiently.


Part 5

Video 1 – Launching Your Course To A List

How to set up a promotional sequence of emails and what you should include in each.

Video 2 – Course Delivery Platforms

The advantages and disadvantages of the main commercial course delivery platforms.

Video 3 – Case Study Comparison

Comparing commercial platforms against WordPress plugins.

Video 4 – Exam Certificates

Awarding certification at the end of your course.  Where to get these certifications and why you can’t issue “accredited” diplomas.