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The Self-Publishing Masterclass

  • 7 steps to publishing success
  • Discover the insider secrets
  • Make sales quickly and easily
  • Maximize your profits
  • Get great reviews
  • Profit from upsells
  • Avoid these rookie mistakes...
  • All in 24 step-by-step HD videos

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About this Course

As an aspiring author, publishing your own book can be quite a complex process without the right information and guidance.  In fact many others simply give up as they don’t know where to start.

Or they have the mistaken belief that they need to land a deal with one of the big-name publishing houses before they can realise their dreams.  Ideally you want to concentrate on what you do best, i.e. writing, rather than trying to navigate your way through the publishing minefield.

Our structured self-publishing course contains all the tools you’ll need to transform yourself into a published (and hopefully best-selling!) author in 7 easy-to-follow steps.  By working systematically through each module you’ll be able to kickstart your new writing business or reignite the one you’d previously given up on.

You can refer back to the information in the course again and again.  You’ll find you often pick up something you maybe missed last time around.

The best time to take action is right now!


Course Content

Part 1

Videos 1/2 – Introduction/Meet Your Instructor

Establishing the correct mindset and keeping yourself motivated.

Video 3 – 4 Steps to Success

Laying the foundation for your success as a writer.

Video 4 – Book Sales

What’s best for you – publishing online or offline?

Video 5 – Can YOU Become a Best-Selling Author?

Achieving “best-selling author” status on Amazon and how to price your books properly.

Video 6 – The Model for Success

How to use Amazon to help you upsell more of your work to your customers.  How you can increase engagement with these same customers.

Video 7 – Standard Book Sales

Standard offline publishing deals – advantages and disadvantages and how to tell what’s right for you.

Video 8 – Case Study – Family Court

An in-depth analysis of a successful publication in an educational niche.

Video 9 – Key Stages You Must Follow

The qualities that you must have or need to develop in order to achieve success in your publishing business.

Video 10 – Choosing a Genre

The importance of choosing your BISAC category carefully to maximize your visibility on Amazon and greatly enhance your prospects of success.

Part 2

Video 1 – Getting Ideas

Where to get ideas for your books and how to find partners who’ll do joint ventures with you.

Video 2 – “Writing” Your Book

When to use an Introduction and when to use a Foreword.  The important things you should focus on with your content.

Video 3 – Getting More Out of a Book

Once you’ve published a book, what else can you do with the subject to give more value to your customers and increase your earnings?

Video 4 – 30-Day Action Plan

A visual guide for putting it all together.

Video 5 – Case Study – Armed Forces Tests

A study of how to analyse a competitor’s product and identify the key areas that could be improved upon.

Video 6 – Typesetting

Choosing a typesetter and what they’ll need from you when you’re ready.

Video 7 – Book Cover Designs

Why first impressions are vitally important.  The things you must do to stand out from the crowd.

Video 8 – ISBNs

ISBNs demystified – what they are, where to get them and why it’s important to own them yourself rather than leave them in the hands of an external publisher.

Video 9 – Book Printing

Litho or digital printing?  The relative advantages and disadvantages and how to determine which is best for you.

Video 10 – Selling on Amazon

The main attraction of selling on Amazon but why you should never drop your prices once you’re on there.  How to list your book properly and why you should put it on pre-order.  How to start getting reviews.


Part 3

Video 1 – Amazon – Advantage or Createspace?

Should you just open an Amazon selling account and fulfil all the orders yourself?  Or should you use Advantage or Createspace instead?

Video 2 – Amazon Kindle

The advantages of publishing on Kindle and how to ensure your book is properly formatted.

Video 3 – Waterstones

A guide on how to get your book stocked in a major high street retailer using Waterstones as the example.

Video 4 – Promoting on YouTube

Using YouTube as a promotional tool.  What to put in your videos and what to leave out.  How to increase engagement with your audience and optimize your videos to assist with Google rankings.